Other Therapies

For appointments and prices for any of the below please contact me on 07515 261 237. Gift vouchers are available.

A light holistic massage using pure essential oils which derive from plant life and trees. The essential oils have so many therapeutic properties which address the physical and emotional stress we face on a daily basis. Aromatherapy also enhances your energy and promotes a general feeling of wellbeing as well as relaxation.

Body Massage
A body massage without the use of pure essential oils using only a carrier oil.

Massage in Pregnancy
A wonderful relaxing full body massage on the pregnant mother. We work on the floor on a mat and as well as massage we give gentle stretching movements to open out the energy channels. It helps to promote calmness for both baby in the womb and mother and promotes a general feeling of wellbeing. We also discuss positions for labour and if the father or partner is happy to do so we invite them in for 5 to 10 minutes after a specific session. In these few minutes we will demonstrate the most simplistic massage moves they can use to help in labour, which will in turn help to make them feel included.

Remedial massage
A deep tissue massage which works well to improve recovery from sprained or strained muscular tissue. The connection tissue is released first of all with dry hand work allowing the therapist to access the muscular system with deeper massage. Resistance moves on the muscular system will aid mobility and quicker recovery from sprained injuries.

Seated Acupressure Massage
This form of massage is ideal for the work place; the massage is administered in a chair with the client being fully clothed. It promotes relaxation at work.

Slavic Massage
This massage originates in Mongolia and dates back to the days of the rule of Genghis Khan. It is a combination of gentle and deeper massage moves using circular movements and deeper forearm movements on larger muscles. A very relaxing session.