Baby massage is a chance for parent and baby to have one to one connection time in an informal and relaxed environment. It helps to promote attachment bonding and helps mums to recognise their baby’s needs through visual engagement and disengagement cues which are a form of communication from your baby.

Baby massage has been in practice for thousands of years in the far east, Africa and the Caribbean. I now bring this tried and tested technique to calm, informal and fun classes.

It is important for parents to know that baby’s needs always come first, so please attend to your baby’s needs during class and don’t worry about missing any demonstrated moves as hand-outs are given out at end of a session and you can even attend a drop in session for that particular sequence if you feel the need.

Please try it, the results speak for themselves.

Group Sessions in the home
If you feel more relaxed in your own home and can gather a group of friends with babies (I would say 4 – 6 friends depending on size of the room) I am happy to accommodate you in your home. We try and keep age groups together i.e. 0 – 6 months or 6 – 12 months. It will be a calm relaxed environment that both you and baby are familiar with.

Group Sessions at a Venue
These sessions will be advertised in Latest News or if you wish you can make enquiries by contacting me directly. I am happy to deliver instruction of baby massage to Health Centres, Nurseries or Toddler groups and I am just a call away.

Working Parent Sessions
So many parents are committed to working in this day and age and may feel like they are missing out. To combat this, session can be arranged to accommodate both mums and dads to attend baby massage instruction sessions. These sessions can be at the perfect time for all, perhaps just before bath time, as research has shown that baby massage promotes longer sleep pattern. This relaxing time is also as good for the parent as it is for the baby and can help parents unwind after a long day at work. Please contact me to arrange a session.

Courses are over 4 sessions – For details of the latest courses, prices & special offers, please see Latest News.

Courses consist of 4 consecutive weekly classes and if a mum prefers the home environment and can gather friends and babies together then the mum will receive a discount. I am happy to hold baby massage instruction classes either at a venue, in the home or at Swiss Physio. I try to keep venue classes small with 6 to 8 parents and babies in a relaxed and calm environment.

Please Note!
Parents should bring 2 small towels, a baby blanket, a small favourite baby toy, spare nappies and wipes.