Nurturing touch is a basic form of communication between parent and infant.  Touch develops when the baby is in the womb; baby is floating in the amniotic sac and gently moves around in this safe and secure environment.  Nurturing touch promotes a feeling of safety, security, trust and a feeling of belonging and well being to an infant.

Following research the four main recognised categories of benefits are:

  • Interaction – This is a great way of parents communicating with their infants and helps to promote the secure attachment bond between both.
  • Stimulation – Baby massage can stimulate many of the baby’s internal systems such as the digestive, circulatory, immune, lymphatic, nervous, and respiratory systems.  It also aids physical and neurological development.
  • Relaxation – Baby massage promotes relaxation in both infant and parent, it reduces stress levels, stimulates the production of the hormone oxytocin which has a pain relieving and calming effect on baby.  It has shown to improve and promote a longer sleep time.
  • Relief – Research has shown that baby massage can help to relieve symptoms of teething, colic and gas, excess mucus and nasal discomfort, gastrointestinal cramp and constipation.  However it is always recommended to consult your GP, midwife or Health visitor should symptoms persist.